History of 702 E. Washington Ave.

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702 E. Washington Avenue was once Rowley-Schlimgen & Jones. Read more about the history of Rowley-Schlimgen & Jones here:


Today, 702 E. Washington Avenue looks like this:

702 E. Washington Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin (photo taken in May 2017)

Commercial Real Estate Updates – Madison Magazine

This article was published on in March 2017.

Here is an excerpt:

For the foreseeable future, Morey feels that commercial real estate trends will be driven by ongoing demographic shifts and changes in technology that are changing the way spaces are used and the desirability of certain locations. “There has been a revitalization of urban centers across the country, much like downtown Madison where you are seeing the rapid growth of ‘walk-to-work’ housing and the desire to be in an environment where residents can live, work and play,” he says.

Why we love Madison

Madison is great for many reasons. To Schlimgen Properties LLC, it means history – both our families were brought up in Madison. We married on Madison’s east-side and raised our family here. We’ve been blessed to watch our children and their families grow within this one-of-a-kind city. Throughout the years, we’ve watched our children attend university and find professional careers within the Madison area as well as our grandchildren. Just like our family has continued to grow, so has Madison.

Today, Madison is this unique juxtaposition between history and modernity. A recent post by the WisconsinGazette.Com (June 21, 2017) talks of the anniversaries we will celebrate in 2017 — although it forgets to mention our 70th wedding anniversary that we celebrated this past weekend at the Ohio Tavern! The Ohio Tavern represents this exact juxtaposition between history and modernity that we mention – Fritz’s father started the Ohio Tavern in the 1930s and it lives on today with a contemporary twist on Tacos (receiving rave reviews in February 2017).

Being that we officially kicked off summer only a few days ago, another favorite summertime tradition for our family is Concerts on the Square. It seems to be quite the activity for younger generations on with the adequate touch of classical music for our generation. On Wednesdays, it’s an easy walk from the downtown offices — extra convenient to save a place with a blanket on the Madison Capitol’s lawn mid-afternoon to return to and enjoy in the evening.

Please share some of the reasons why you love Madison!



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